Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2019

Hand Media International acquires Country Music magazine

Hand Media International, publishers of bi-monthly country music magazine Maverick, are delighted to announce that they have acquired Country Music magazine from Anthem Publishing.

Maverick, the leading international independent country music magazine, has a 17-year history and specialises in covering new and upcoming musicians, as well as more established stars. It has recently featured big names such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Billy Ray Cyrus and has strong links with many festivals and music organisations, both in Nashville and across Europe.

Country Music, launched two-and-a-half years ago by Bath-based Anthem, has a strong heritage in classic country music and the legends that made the genre famous as well as shining a light on the new stars.

“We’re very pleased to have been given the opportunity to take on Country Music,” explained David Rossiter, Managing Director of HMI. “We’ve long been friends and admirers of the publication, so we’ll be incorporating as much of its DNA into Maverick as we can over the next few issues. We’ll be keeping its archive alive and trying to make as much of its content available as we can.”

Anthem CEO Jon Bickley added, “Country Music magazine has been a wonderful publication for us over the past two and half years allowing us to deal with some brilliant individuals and cover outstanding characters. Although it hasn’t quite worked out for us as a business, we’re pleased that Hand Media International can take it forward and continue to serve our valued readers and advertisers.”

What does this mean if you are a subscriber?

You will receive the same number of remaining issues left on your subscription, but these issues will be Maverick magazine. Maverick magazine is published six times per year, the same as Country Music.

Your first issue of Maverick magazine is due to arrive on or around 16th May 2019.

For more information please contact Lauren Mitten on 01622 823920, or email



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